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  • MY GO-TO EASY VEGAN MEALS | 5 Lazy & Cheap Recipes

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    • Handbag Brand Replaces Leather with Pineapple Leaves to Go Vegan November 9, 2019
      British brand The Original Satchel Store recently became an all vegan company by replacing leather with Piñatex—a pineapple fiber-based vegan leather.  The company operated for eight years using “ethical” British leather but after several team members encountered the inherent cruelty in the leather industry, The Original Satchel Store began looking for vegan alternatives. “From the […]
    • Beloved NYC Vegan Restaurant Candle 79 Closes After 16 Years November 8, 2019
      Beloved New York City vegan restaurant Candle 79 will close its doors on December 31, 2019 due to real estate developments in Manhattan’s Upper East Side neighborhood. “It is with great sadness and immense gratitude to you all that we share this news,” the restaurant announced on Facebook. Bart Potenza and his partner Joy Pierson—who […]
    • Shhh! Wendy’s Quietly Adds Plant-Based Burger to Its Menu in Canada November 8, 2019
      Fast-food chain Wendy’s quietly debuted a new vegan-friendly Plantiful Burger at locations in Canada. The chain has yet to make a formal announcement or add the new burger to its website, however, outdoor advertisements of the menu item have been spotted at locations in the Toronto area with the slogan “Where’s the beef? Not here.” […]
    • Las Vegas Gets Its First All-Vegan Supermarket November 8, 2019
      All-vegan supermarket Veg-In-Out Market recently opened in Las Vegas, NV. The store offers a wide selection of popular vegan brands and local favorites ranging from frozen, refrigerated, canned, and packaged foods, plus major brands such as Beyond Meat, JUST, and Gardein. It also features a large selection of vegan junk food such as candy bars, […]
    • Appalachian State University Adds Vegan Dining Station, Doubles Sales  November 8, 2019
      New all-vegan food station Terra Verde at North Carolina’s Appalachian State University is generating double the sales of its predecessor, Healthy Select—which offered animal-based meals along with vegan and vegetarian options. At the beginning of this school year, the university made a move to focus specifically on healthier fare, including making meatless options more prominent […]
    • Pop Star Kesha Launches Vegan Makeup Line November 8, 2019
      On December 3, new vegan brand Kesha Rose Beauty will debut on Hipdot.com. The brand was created by pop star Kesha (previously known as “Ke$ha”) and will feature an eyeshadow palette ($36) with 12 “celestial” hues, liquid eyeliner ($28), and lipstick/lipgloss duos ($26) in shades named after songs on her upcoming album High Road scheduled […]
    • Vegan Cheese Brand Miyoko’s Aims to Convert California Dairy Farm Into Plant-Based Facility  November 8, 2019
      This week, vegan brand Miyoko’s Creamery announced its intent to convert a California dairy farm into a research and development facility for plant-based products. Miyoko’s will provide funding, expertise, and a contractual agreement to support the selected farm in transitioning into a facility that produces new and existing Miyoko’s cheese and butter products. Dairy farmers […]
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    Madeleine Olivia says:

    Finally was able to re upload this video! I had to take this video and another down last week due to a copyright issue with the music. So for those of you asking for the recipes and where this video went here it is!

    Paris 54 says:

    I recommend walnut pesto, I actually like it even better than pine nuts, it has more flavour.

    Maris Zilmanis says:

    So good. Thanks😊

    Earth Kitchen says:

    Definitely going to try some of these

    Chiara Vogel says:

    Where is your kettle from?

    olive says:

    OMG that pesto pasta looks AMAZING

    Amanda H says:

    I tried making the pesto sauce and it was huge flop, i couldnt even eat it. I put all the ingredients in a blender and it wasnt blending and i tried a small food processor i have and nadda. It was just this oily sand like texture and it wasnt that pastel green color at all it was dark and muddy. I'm sure what i did wrong? I've tired the miso soup and friend rice and liked those a lot but i was very dissapointed by this

    Emilio Pesto-Mayo says:

    did you know that stinging nettles are edible and vegan? just found this out and im blown away… i also made a video about preparing them too if you want to check that out

    Night Owl says:

    Could I use honey or caramel sauce for the first recipe?

    Chris Wright says:

    I really enjoy what you put together. You have such a beautiful presence.

    Elizabeth Wagner says:

    Wait so vegans really don't use honey? I spent 12 years paranoid for nothing!? I can't eat it I'm allergic

    Joanne Fortman says:

    I like seeing you enjoy, your delicious recipes

    naishla says:

    That pesto pasta was everything I hoped it would be!!!!!!!! ❤️🤤

    Alice Speroni says:

    "pesto pasta"

    italian guy comes out

    Lyra Madrona says:

    I love how easy these recipes are! I make super similar things at home and have been leaning more to the vegan side lately after a recent health issue. May I make one respectful editing suggestion? The volume of your voice is pretty low in comparison to the music, maybe they could be equalized a bit? I find myself turning volume up and down on your videos a fair amount and thought I'd check in with that. I love your video style otherwise! 😊💜

    Ashley LaRose says:

    I love the background music in this video

    Eliza Belly Dance says:

    This video gave me so much joy! Thank you so much. I'm trying all of them eee!

    Liviu Geza says:

    pasta > egg!##!!!

    naishla says:

    On the second recipe and I can already tell your video is the answer to all my prayers!

    WOW Reviews My Reviews says:

    these fucking dumbass vegan faces

    Dragon Mom says:

    great pesto recipe besides only one clove of garlic lol

    Giorgia Paolini says:

    I'll give you some tips for Pasta from an Italian (me hahah):

    You should first put water and let it boils. When it boils add two tablespoons of salt (here in Italy we use a "bigger salt", this is why we usually use just one tablespoon) btw I know that two tablespoons look like a LOT of salt but most of it will evaporate.
    When you have added the salt you can finally throw in the pasta and cook it depending on how many minutes are written on the box.
    We usually cook it "al dente" which means "to the tooth" even if that's not the right meaning haha, but it's the perfect cooking time (don't really know how to achieve it bc it's something that I can feel when I taste the pasta)
    I know that my English isn't the best, but to understand better there are lots of videos by Italians here on yt that will explain it amazingly.
    I hope this could be helpful!

    Peter Garcia says:

    I'm so gonna try this!!

    KREL reisen, kochen, easy live mit KREL says:


    Lady Vegan says:

    Here is also an awesome vegan sandwich with hummus and avocado https://youtu.be/3axyzVV_uew

    Alejandro Aguilar says:

    I thought dairy was bad though. Like in general it causes cancer in the long run.

    Stella says:

    SMILEY FACE!!!!!

    Arlene Reyes says:

    What pots and pans and knives do you use ?

    piquing interest says:

    I like seeing you eat

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