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  • Coming at you with an easy vegan curry recipe! A few spices and a few plant based ingredients all for a hearty vegan meal! Hope you enjoy the recipe!


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    Al Spurs says:

    Poor method for curry making this

    hippyheads says:

    hi although its a great well presented video i made the meal and i dont know if i put to much chilli in or if it was the mustard seeds i did not enjoy it. iv only been vegan for a very short time and i dont seem to be getting the hang of the food cooking at all.your meal looked lovely though, i will just have to keep practicing. thanks again for your video,

    cutepinksocks says:

    I just found your page and I’m loving your energy and personality and most of all these recipes! I will have to try some of it soon. I’m curious what made you choose a vegan lifestyle? And how do you find support to help u with this lifestyle? Thank you

    Amy Z says:

    Love the recipe! But I have one question: Can I replace the sweet potato with cauliflower? Do the spices still go with it?

    Anubhuti Jain says:

    Wow,this looks splendid. (Indian approved). Just wanted to tell you that 'papad' is usually a side treat that we have with the curry and the bread (naan/roti/paratha). You can also enjoy curry with rice! It's wonderful. Papad is like the crunchy side treat you have with a huge bite of roti/rice and curry. Yoghurt too. And you can add pickles to your meal too with chutneys.

    Brie ThePrincess says:

    Amazing recipe, I tried it with black beans and the savory and sweetness of the yams is absolutely amazing ❤️ keep up the great work I’m definitely going to try more of your recipes

    Tina Diggs says:

    Healthy, Healthy, Healthy and more Healthy!!! Looks delicious!!!!

    Maurel Antonio says:

    That beat at the very beginning was smooth asf.. who is that?

    Sumeyaa Jama says:

    Hey Rachel!! I live in Dubai, UAE. The ebook is available for me yet. Where can I buy the ebook from?? Thanks

    Henrika Vaz says:

    All your recipes are indian based excluding the avocados's though… Poppadums .. mango chutney , the salad what we call cachumber with yogurt .. which is our basic every second day meal … Its so cool that indian recipes are going viral cause of more veg content in our diet.. keep spreading.. check out more recipes with pulses curry ( mostly called dal)..

    Antoinette Johnson says:

    What can I replaced the tomatoes for?

    Faye Watkins says:

    I cant find yur New Weekly Post.

    Andrew Robinson says:

    Curry and salad…….. Why not ?

    Pi Pa Po says:

    Yummiiiee 😍

    Merry Jones says:

    Hey Rachel! I wanted to know if I can use a splash of water from a glass of pickles or a littlte bit of yellow mustard instead of the mustard seeds to get the required taste? ♥

    L Rees says:

    Hi, thanks for your informative video. What size Le Creuset pan are you using? Best wishes.

    Just Commentary says:

    Name of the white frying pan please?

    crimsonspice72 says:

    Girl……I can't wait to make this feast🍽

    Dalisha Taylor says:

    Ok. Sooo… I'm a budding vegetarian and when I seen thus video I hade to make it! When I say it is delicious!! I don't even like tomatoes, but with this I ate them and enjoyed it. Thank you!

    Myee Kaah says:

    I was hurt the first time around trying to follow her recipes, couldnt find the majority of what she cooks with especially the seasonings. This looks a lot more simpler and budget friendly, motivated to try again 😁

    Monique Alexander says:

    waiting for my ebook😬 I sent the proof of purchase to the email you provided.

    taneema2007 says:

    does anyone know the song that was playing at 6:55?? x

    Kiwi Hall says:

    This looks amazing. I’m going to make it today and add a little more veggies to it.

    Abdul Haleem says:


    Jamila K says:

    Just received your cook book, looking forward!

    Evgenia Athanasiou says:

    Can i use chickpeas instead of beans??

    Soniya Bag says:

    I've tried one of the recipes for curry you have a while back & I received so many positive comments from friends, asking for the recipe & I shared your video with them! This looks amazing and I cannot wait to try this out!

    Antoinette Taupe says:

    Making this tomorrow!

    Grizzly Adams says:

    I just got hip to your channel, I love 💘 it!!!! I couldn't hit that subscriber button fast enuff!!!!!

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