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    • US Could Finally Ban Cosmetic Animal Testing Nationwide  November 19, 2019
      This week, the Humane Cosmetics Act—new federal legislation that seeks to ban the testing of cosmetic products on animals—was introduced to the United States Senate. The act was introduced by a bipartisan group of senators that includes vegan Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ), Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ), Senator Rob Portman (R-OH), and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI). […]
    • Paris Bans Wild Animal Circuses November 19, 2019
      Wild animal circuses will no longer exist in Paris, following a resolution passed by the city council that will prohibit new land authorizations by the end of 2020. The city will reward €50,000 ($55,000) across three years to each circus that contractually agrees to cease exploiting animals for entertainment. Paris currently has three circus companies […]
    • Umami Burger Shifts Menu to Focus on Plant-Based Burgers November 19, 2019
      This month, fast-casual chain Umami Burger unveiled an updated menu at 16 of its participating locations. The menu refresh—a first for the chain, which has been in operation since 2009—allows customers to order an Impossible Burger (and gluten-free bun) in place of any meat-based patty and features a new vegan cookies and cream milkshake. The […]
    • Chobani Expands Non-Dairy Line with Oat-Based Yogurts, Milks, and Drinks November 18, 2019
      This month, yogurt brand Chobani will debut The World of Chobani Oat—a new line of oat-based products, including several plant-based options. The new line features oat drinks in four flavors (Plain, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Plain Extra Creamy); yogurts in four flavors (Vanilla, Strawberry Vanilla, Blueberry Pomegranate, and Peach Mandarin); and yogurt cups with crunchy toppings […]
    • The Herbivorous Butcher Enters Into “Vegan Butcher” Trademark Dispute with NestlĂ© November 18, 2019
      Sibling-owned vegan shop The Herbivorous Butcher is in the midst of a trademark battle with food corporation NestlĂ© USA. In August 2017, The Herbivorous Butcher attempted to register the trademark “Vegan Butcher” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Shortly after the USPTO denied The Herbivorous Butcher the trademark—citing that the term was […]
    • New Restaurant Hungry Angelina to Bring Vegan Comfort Food to Southern California   November 18, 2019
      In mid-December, renowned vegan chef Matthew Kenney will open his newest vegan restaurant concept, Hungry Angelina, in Long Beach, CA. The 2600-square-foot space will be the third California-based concept of Kenny’s popular and extensive dining brand and will be located alongside a 45,000 square-foot Whole Foods Market store. With a diverse menu, Hungry Angelina will […]
    • 16,000-Square Foot Plant-Based Food Innovation Lab Opens in North Carolina   November 18, 2019
      This month, the The NC Food Innovation Lab (NCFIL) officially opened in North Carolina as a 16,000-square foot research and development facility focused entirely on plant-based foods. The facility will support a variety of companies—from established multinational brands to startups to equipment manufacturers—in their endeavors to develop plant-based products in North Carolina, a state where […]
  • INCREDIBLE VEGAN RECIPES EVERYWEEK by vegan chef Gaz Oakley. I worked as a professional chef for a number of years before going vegan 4 years ago …


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