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    • The Herbivorous Butcher Enters Into “Vegan Butcher” Trademark Dispute with Nestlé November 18, 2019
      Sibling-owned vegan shop The Herbivorous Butcher is in the midst of a trademark battle with food corporation Nestlé USA. In August 2017, The Herbivorous Butcher attempted to register the trademark “Vegan Butcher” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Shortly after the USPTO denied The Herbivorous Butcher the trademark—citing that the term was […]
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      In mid-December, renowned vegan chef Matthew Kenney will open his newest vegan restaurant concept, Hungry Angelina, in Long Beach, CA. The 2600-square-foot space will be the third California-based concept of Kenny’s popular and extensive dining brand and will be located alongside a 45,000 square-foot Whole Foods Market store. With a diverse menu, Hungry Angelina will […]
    • 16,000-Square Foot Plant-Based Food Innovation Lab Opens in North Carolina   November 18, 2019
      This month, the The NC Food Innovation Lab (NCFIL) officially opened in North Carolina as a 16,000-square foot research and development facility focused entirely on plant-based foods. The facility will support a variety of companies—from established multinational brands to startups to equipment manufacturers—in their endeavors to develop plant-based products in North Carolina, a state where […]
    • Ohio’s Dayton Mall Gets Its First Vegan Restaurant November 18, 2019
      Vegan restaurant That’s Soul Vegan recently opened in the food court of the Dayton Mall in Dayton, OH. Taking over the former space of Taco Bell, the new vendor is the first and only vegan eatery in the shopping mall. Owned by Ashaki Daugherty and Jose Estremera, That’s Soul Vegan offers a diverse menu of […]
    • Report: Meat Companies Are Officially the World’s Biggest Water Polluters November 18, 2019
      The meat industry poses one of the most significant threats to our global water supply, according to a new report by sustainability nonprofit organization Ceres. The 2019 edition of the benchmarking report Feeding Ourselves Thirsty takes a close look at how 40 of the largest food companies manage water risk in their operations and global […]
    • Dirt Candy Owner Opens ‘Made-From-Scratch’ Veggie Burger Shop in NYC  November 17, 2019
      On November 19, new vegan shop Lekka Burger will open in the Tribeca neighborhood in New York City. The new burger shop—founded by Amanda Cohen (owner of vegetarian fine-dining restaurant Dirt Candy) and South African-born humanitarian Andrea Kerzner—will focus on made-from-scratch veggie burgers inspired by global flavors. “There’s definitely room for the Impossible and Beyond […]
    • You Can Now Order Two Pounds of Vegan Mac and Cheese for the Holidays November 16, 2019
      In time for the holidays, chef Ayinde Howell recently made his popular Mac & Yease (vegan mac and cheese) available for nationwide delivery. A two-pound family pack costs $19.99 plus shipping and can be ordered online for delivery or ordered from Whole Foods Markets in the Southern Pacific region for pick-up. Howell—the former personal chef […]
  • Korean food is relatively uncharted territory for us and something we’re getting really interested in, Bibimbap is kind of like ramen, but without the noodles or broth and the sauce is a cross between sweet and soup and blacken sauce. It’s a new flavour for us and it really inspired us to search more into Korean cuisine. That’s what we always try to do when we introduce new recipes to the channel, inspire people to go on their own culinary adventure. Let us know if you know any amazing Korean food as we’d love to research it more.

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    Will Mcloughlin says:

    Do you put Tamari in your porridge?

    Lisa Laurel says:

    do you literally always get sick at the same time? 😂

    FollowingAmanda says:

    I wonder where people get all the different mushrooms. All we can get local are regular white mushrooms or chestnut mushrooms.

    Abandoned Mountain says:

    woooooffff wooooffff so eazy and vltratassstttyyyy wooooofffff wooooofffff 😍😝😍😝😍😝😍😝💞💚💚💚👅💦🍚🌰🌿🌱🍄🌾🌶🍅🥒🥕💦👅💚💚💚💞

    The Honey Boost says:

    What a cute little background you have going on there! And those mushrooms look delicious! I would probably add some bean sprouts and green onion to garnish. Great recipe 🙂

    vaneyjane says:

    Something about oyster mushrooms roasted in a hot oven with o/o, garlic, rosemary, thyme, S&P – makes them have a chicken-like flavor, for me. Less work than the sauce pot method 😉

    Gary A says:

    Really beautiful, Dudes… you must go to Seoul… the street food is quite amazing. I’ve been more than 100 times in my life- mostly for business.
    I’m afraid you’ve missed the real pleasure of bibimbap (bee-bim-bop) literally “mixed rice” it’s the serving in a deep bowl with the ingredients presented as you have done, but for the diner to enjoy the actual mixing of the rice with the ingredients themselves. . Traditionally, this would involve breaking the fried egg yolk, mixing in some kalbi bbq and the gochujang paste before eating. The red radish would not appear in the Korea version, but a daikon might. Thanks for the memories… haven’t been to Seoul for 7 years now and I miss it. 👍

    Fox Dylan says:

    Thanks for the tip on cooking the mushrooms…

    Rena Roberts says:

    Seriously, guys. That would take any “ normal” cook at least ten more minutes. That was some INSANE cutting skills shown. If I ever did anything that fast, I’d be ending with about four inches off my hand. Well done, guys. I always enjoy your videos.

    Jayne Sixx says:

    What a name 🤣. That looks amazing btw. Oh I found your blue book in the library some really nice recipes in there. I also have been making your mushroom pasta sauce so good (old video)

    Tech Writing says:

    thanks for making this! I like that you use/give easy to get ingredients.

    Sha Mac says:

    Checking to see if your recipe is close to Rose's at CheapLazyVegan! After watching hers, ordered one at a local pub. Yum! Maybe you two will inspire me to make my own 🙂

    patty 8873 says:

    I would say paprika in place of gochugaru. Chili powder in the US would be combination of spices and make it taste Mexican.

    Alfons Schuhbeck says:

    love the outdoor video for a change!

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